Pikavuoro Updates Also In English

Although the fellowship of Pikavuoro basically consists of Finnish travelers, we have decided to give our international readers a unique opportunity to follow our epic bus adventure. Our aim is to provide shortish summaries in English at the end of each article.

If you are eager to read more, please, do not hesitate to comment and ask for additional information (or alternatively use Google Translator…). Moreover, if you wanted to say hello to – or even join – the Pikavuoro crew, do let us know!

Like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, add this page to your favourites and enjoy touching texts, unforgettable photos and extravaganza videos. Welcome onboard!

P.S. Check out the English info page and the Grand Opening of our journey!


Pikavuoro Maailman Ympäri

Pikavuoro maailman ympäri

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